Axium Scientific is a full-service lab based in Sparks NV and formed in 2016. The custom-designed laboratory is a newly-built, fully equipped, state of the art facility incorporating industry standard methodology and the latest technology. The management, chemists and lab technicians of Axium possess over one hundred years of combined experience in this highly specialized industry, and senior management is actively involved in the International Precious Metals Institute and its Sampling and Analytical Council.

Axium Scientific serves industries and material classes throughout the precious metals community: mining and bullions; petroleum, petrochemical and pharmaceutical catalysts – both spent and fresh; automotive catalysts; and numerous intermediate precious metals products such as dusts and sweeps, jewelry scrap and electronic scrap.

Precious metals analytical services include:

  • Single-party assays for asset valuation and contract settlement
  • Expert management of assay exchanges
  • Umpire analysis between customers and precious metals refiners world-wide
  • Preliminary and pilot assay contract services

Axium Scientific maintains an open-door policy for any client wishing to visit or audit our facilities for qualification purposes.


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